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When Hotel Bed Bugs Cause Holiday Guests To Leave Bad Reviews

Extreme Bed Bug Control

Published: September, 2023

Hotel bed bugs are a serious problem for hotel owners. These pests are extremely difficult to get rid of. They’re also a constant nuisance and seem to come back, no matter what you do. They also cause huge problems with your guests. In fact, these pests can actually put you out of business. This is often because they result in guests leaving bad reviews.

Why hotel bed bugs are such a serious problem

Let’s start with the fact that the internet has profoundly changed the way we live our lives. When people are looking for something, they first look online. Whether they’re looking for a service, business, or hotel, it’s always ratings and review sites that comes up first.

This can include things like Google Reviews, Trip Advisor, or Trustpilot. People will judge you harshly depending on your ratings and reviews. If you have good reviews, then you’ll get more business. If you have bad reviews and people complaining, then people will stay in another hotel.

The sad truth is that these reviews can make or break your business. This is the harsh reality, whether you like it or not. Also realise that people are vindictive. It takes nothing to write an online review. If there is any problem at all, then people are more than happy to leave a negative review.

And can you really blame your guests for doing this? You have to look at this from their perspective. People are paying money to stay in your hotel and have a certain set of expectations. This doesn’t include finding hotel bed bugs!

Taking steps to avoid hotel bed bugs causing bad reviews

This is why you must take care of this problem immediately and we can help hotels stay bed bug free. There are two ways of doing this. First, staff must be trained to spot the signs of bed bugs. Call a meeting and let them know what to look for. Staff need to report these signs immediately.

If they do spot hotel bed bugs, call in pest control right away. Get them to service the room with heat treatments. This will kill the bugs – and keep them from coming back for a long time. What you should also do is take out a pest control contract. With a contract, you get routine pest control. This helps you avoid pest infestations and problems.

Finally, if guests do find bugs because your business is most at risk, then handle the situation with care. Apologise and offer them another room. Do not get angry and argue with guests. You may also want to offer them some type of gift.

This could help to prevent them from leaving a negative review. If they ask for a refund, then give it to them. Remember, hotel bed bugs do have the potential to ruin your business. For this reason, they should be taken extremely seriously.

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